Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How do I abuse snort OP 80 40 20?

This is the method i use for snorting the "new" now old OxyContin OP pills (20mg, 40mg and 80mg).

1. Remove the slow release coating with an abrasive. I tried several things like a file, cheese grater, a fingernail dremel, but the best was 120-grit sandpaper. Do NOT wet the coating by trying to suck or wipe it off. Only an abrasive will work. Sandpaper worked best for me.

2. After removing the time-release coating, put the pill on the middle of a flat glass plate, then put that plate in the middle of your microwave.

 3. Now, cook the pill in the microwave. Cooking times vary on pill size and the power of your particular microwave. For me, for an OP 80, I cooked the pill for ONE minute. Then I cook it again for one minute. Then again. If you cook the pill too long it will burn and you will be PISSED, trust me lol.

 4. The end result you're looking for is a pill that is dark tan/light brown in color. The purpose of doing this is to cook off the binding agents in the OP 80 that make it gel in your sinus cavity. It seems that the darker you cook it, the less the pill gels. Just do not over do it.

 5. After the desired color is achieved, take the plate from the microwave (careful, it is hot) and put it on a cloth/ovenmitt in the freezer. The plate may break if you put it directly on the bottom of your freezer due to the sudden change in temperature, so make sure to rest it on the cloth/mitt. Leave it in for about 10 minutes.

 6. After the OP returns to room temperature or is no longer soft, remove it from the freezer. Let it sit a couple more minutes.

 7. Here is the tedious part. Get a pedegg or cheese grater and start grinding the OP 80 into the smallest pieces that you can. This is hard work but its important and certainly worth it.

 8. Take the "powder" or mini chunks and snort the shit out of it.

9. Enjoy the high from all of your hard work!


  1. u guys r wasting ur time get a pill grinder/splitter and split the pill into quarters then grind it till its basically powder there may b sum lil chunks but it doesnt matter ( the 30s 40s 60s n 80s break down the easiest) then get a skillet or a griddle pan n spread the powder evenly in the middle of the pan dont just dump it out n leave it in a mound of powder then put it on the stove on high heat WATCH IT DO NOT TAKE UR EYES OFF IT CUZ IT COOKS FAST!!!!! right when u c it start to turn light golden brown turn off ur the heat and put it in the freezer 4 8 minutes aftr that take it out use ur license or a credit card 2 scrape it off itll b in small chunks but u can put it back in the grinder 2 get it a lil more powdery n then dump it out n blow it!!!!! i do it wit my script everytime n it works everytime n personally i think its better than the old ones cuz i think wen u cook it concentrates it more....i usually crush up a roxi 20 or 30 n mix it 2gether it goes down way smoother!!!!! dont fckn microwave it thts so stupid n it takes 4everrrrrrrr n its filled wit radiation ull thank me wen u try this.....ur welcome

  2. can you then swallow as opposed to snorting?

  3. Don't know about you guys, but as soon as I started snorting (2002–2008, the original pills), I started going through my scrips faster and faster, 'cause the liquid soluble drug goes right through you, leaving you wanting for more and more. Now I'm on Suboxone, which was the only way I saw to get off tge merry go round. Good luck. I know, total buzz kill. Better the buzz killed than you, though.

  4. Does the grind, cook, grind and snort method still work on Oxy 80mg OP that I was just perscribed? I see that alot of the posts online are like 5-7 years old and I'm sure that they have changed the coating recipe since then. I don't want to waste any pills doing experiments that may not work.