Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How do I abuse roxicodone (oxycodone) 30 mg pills? Snort, shoot (IV), and plug.

These wonderful evil little blue pills were just made to abuse. It is so easy to snort, hell its super easy to IV these things. There is a lot of information floating around the internet about roxies, but I wanted to go ahead and create a fast guide on how to abuse these pills.

How do I shoot/IV roxicodone (oxycodone)?

The bioavailability of oxycodone for oral 60-87%, intranasal 55-70%, and IV is of course 100%.

Things you will need:
  • A spoon or shot glass or dixie cup (you get the idea)
  • Syringe with Needle (I use a 22ga)
  • Cotton ball or Q-Tip or Micron Filter
  • Alcohol swabs
  • toothpick or substitute for one
  • and of course your roxies
The first thing you want to do is crush up the roxies. I do it inside of a dollar bill so that its easy to pour onto the spoon or into the cup.

After you put the nice lovely blue powder onto the spoon or in the cup you will want to draw up some fresh water into your syringe. The amount of water varies based on how many pills your doing size of syringe etc. You do not want to use a lot of water. I will attempt to add some pictures for you.

Squirt the water onto the roxi powder and stir it up for a couple of minutes so that it dissolves nicely. You should now have some blue water.

Grab a small piece of cotton or the top of the q-tip and roll it in between your fingers to tighten it up into a good tight ball. Drop the cotton ball into the liquid and use the tip of the needle to stir it around.

Press the needle into the cotton, and draw up the roxie liquid into your syringe through the cotton. Make damn sure there is no cotton stuck to the needle after you are done. Also hold your syringe up to the light, you should see nothing floating around. If you see something floating, do not be alarmed all you have to do is squirt it out and re filter it.

Tie off your arm.

Pick a good vein and rub around the spot with the alcohol pad.

Insert the needle into the vein, when you are in the vein draw back on the syringe to make sure blood comes out into the syringe. That is how you know you are in a vein, if you get air bubbles you are not in a vein.

Once you see the blood, release whatever you used to tie off with and slowly start injecting the roxi into your vein. You can check halfway through by redrawing some blood out if you are nervous that it slipped out of the vein.

In just a few seconds you will feel that wonderful wonderful rush. Wish I was there with you feeling it.

You can add some more water to your spoon/cup and redraw through that same cotton and inject that if you want to make sure you got all of the oxycodone.

How do I snort roxicodone (oxycodone)?

It is so easy to snort roxies that you would think that is what they were made for, hell they even have a nice drain.

All you need to do is crush the pill down into powder, use a straw or dollar bill, cover one nostril and snort through the other.

How do I plug roxicodone (oxycodone)?

I will not really get into why you should or should not plug oxycodone, I have done it. The first time I did it was mainly to learn what it was like because I was curious. The last time I plugged oxycodone was because I was just learning how to IV roxies and I couldn't for the life of me hit a vein so I said fuck it and plugged it. I sure wish I could take that back and try again now that I can hit a vein.

I think that when I plug oxycodone the high last a longer than when I snort it, I do not have any facts about that so take it with a grain of salt.

Things you will need to plug, the more of these items you have the easier it will be.

  • Shot Glass or Dixie Cup (you get the idea)
  • Needless syringe or turkey baster or one of those things you use to clean out a babies nose
  • Some KY Jelly or any other kind of lube (Technically you do not have to have this, hell you can use spit if your hardcore)
  • And of course some roxies (oxycodone)
Prepping to plug is a lot like prepping to IV.

The first step is to crush the pills into powder, I do this inside of a dollar bill so that I can easily pour it into a dixie cup.

Take your needless syringe or turkey baster or whatever it is you plan to use to inject this into your booty and draw up some warm water. It does not have to be warm, but it will help the pill dissolve and who wants to squirt cold water up their ass?

Squirt the water into the dixie cup and stir it up real good with the tip of your syringe.

When you feel that its mixed up and dissolved, draw it into your syringe or turkey baster.

This is where the KY comes into play! Rub KY onto the syringe and you can also place a little on your bunghole...the more the easier and less pain. (unless your get off on that sort of thing)

Lie on your back with your legs up and over your head like a good little slut on prom night.

Squirt the liquid out slowly if you are using a syringe, if you are using a turkey baster or the baby booger thing then you cant really control it to well.

You will want to sit in that position for as long as you can, I understand its uncomfortable but you are trying to get the most bang for your buck right?

Once you are satisfied, remove the syringe slowly so you do not sling shit everywhere.

And there you have it, you can enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when and only when plugging oxycodone.

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